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The Peregrina Bracelet is an exclusive jewel to personalize, as each Hito (Milestone) represents one place, one element and one virtue of the Way, and the possibility of purchasing each piece according to the sensations that the route, its history and its great spirituality inspires each traveller.

The Hitos del Camino (Way´s Milestones) are eight pieces of art which reflect the essence of the Way of Santiago. And in order to purchase them one only needs to stop by at the establishments Jael Jewelers have in Santiago de Compostela or Lugo.

However, the eight jewels which make up the Milestones of the French Way, the pieces of the exclusive  Peregrina Bracelet, are a set which can only be purchased at the places in the Galicia of St. James which are tied to each object. Thus, the jewel becomes proof of Credentials for the pilgrim who makes it piece by piece along the Way. More than the energy of a lucky charm, the Peregrina is the witness of an inner route in search of the last and most exclusive of the Milestones, the one which attests the arrival. For every time one purchases a piece, one will receive the stamp which is proof of one’s having passed by that particular place on the Way.

The Shaft or Column is the final Hito: The last of the eight jewels, which symbolises the tree of life. It will be a gift for those who are able to prove with the seventh stamp their passage through each of the other Milestones, and all the marks may be exchanged totally or partially for the Credencial del Camino (Way’s Credentials), which when shown allow the holder to purchase any of the seven Hito at the finishing line of the Way.

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