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Peregrina, Perfect


In fact the Peregrina is two different bracelets, depending on one’s starting point and destination.

For the one dedicated to the French Way is a Pulsera(Bracelet) and a Peregrina, with eight different Hitos (Milestones) which one may purchase individually only at the towns along the route which name them, according to the tradition, the legend or the spirit of each place. The Pulsera thus becomes a means of true Credentials for the traveller, who builds it up as the trip progresses. More than the energy of a lucky charm the Peregrina is the witness of an inner journey which encloses itself in a circle until the last of the Milestones is reached, the one which shows which one has arrived, a gift one receives in Compostela once proven that one is in possession of the other seven.

Yet, another very different one which combines another eight symbols is also a Pulsera and a Peregrina. One which the lovers of the Ways, Santiago and the Xacobeo can build up freely just by choosing the pieces which best express the fascination and spiritual power of the Route.


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